ACIST informs interventional decisions during cardiovascular disease, structural heart, and peripheral procedures. The ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System, RXi® Rapid Exchange FFR System with dPR* (the Non-Hyperemic Index for Coronary Physiology) and the Navvus II® MicroCatheter, and the HDI® HD IVUS System with the Kodama® HD IVUS Catheter give physicians worldwide the ability to visualize, assess and inform patient treatment. CVi® increases safety and overall operational efficiency during the contrast delivery process. RXi® is used to efficiently assess, and confirm coronary artery disease, even in the most complex cases. HDi® is the system of choice for optimized imaging in percutaneous coronary and peripheral interventions.

Physicians worldwide rely on our diagnostic technologies to give them the power to visualize, assess and inform patient treatment. Economic decision-makers appreciate our ability to demonstrate the value of therapeutic intervention.

*not available in all global markets, including the United States


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