The ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System is designed for the precise administration of radiopaque contrast media during angiographic procedures. It delivers contrast media to a catheter at a flow rate determined by the user. The hand controller and other necessary items are included in angiographic consumable kits. The CVi® system is easily installed, serviced, and upgraded due to its modular design. It is comprised of the injector head, control panel, power supply, and other essential components. Keep reading to gain further insights into the ACIST CVi® and its utilization.


“The CVi® is intended to be used for the controlled infusion of radiopaque contrast media for angiographic procedures. The CVi® System is an angiographic injection system used in interventional cardiology, radiology, or intravascular surgical procedures utilizing an endovascular technique. The CVi® System supplies radiopaque contrast media to a catheter at a user determined variable flow rate that can be instantaneously and continuously varied.”


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