Discover the insights of Dr. Mark Rothenberg, Medical Director at Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory JFK Medical Center in West Palm Beach, FL, regarding the ACIST CVi™ Contrast Delivery System. Dr. Rothenberg has dedicated over two decades to his career in interventional cardiology, where he recognized the significance of efficient contrast delivery. Delve into the details of Dr. Rothenberg’s background and gain an understanding of his rationale for choosing the CVi® system.


Background: Contrast delivery has been an important concern for Dr. Rothenberg since he began his interventional cardiology career over 20 years ago. Throughout his practice many of his patients have been elderly with compromised renal function – this at greater risk for CI-AKI. As a proctor for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). DR. Rothenberg is also keenly interested in anything that helps advance this alternative to open heart surgery. We asked Dr. Rothenberg for his insights on the value ACIST CVi® brings to his patients, clinicians, and hospital systems.


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