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This document explores the impact the ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System has in reducing angiography complications and cost while delivering value. CVi® can be beneficial in enhancing patient safety, improving workplace safety, and boosting operational efficiency. By reading this document, you will gain insights into the benefits offered by CVi®.


Increasing Patient Safety: Statistics: up to 30% reduction in CI-AKI vs. manual injection. Around a 25% reduction in contrast use without compromising image quality when comparing 4FR to 6FR diagnostic procedures.

Increasing Workplace Safety: Up to 50% reduction in clinician radiation exposure by stepping back. 49.4% of interventional cardiologists have experienced at least one orthopedic injury.8

Increasing Operational Efficiency: 45mL decrease per case when injector used. An average of 5 minutes faster per procedure.


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