Welcome to this guide for the ACIST RXI® Mini™ Rapid Exchange FFR System. With the Rxi® System and the ACIST Navvus® Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter, you have the convenience of quickly and easily assessing FFR using your preferred 0.014″ guidewire. Let’s look at the system overview, which includes key components such as the Navvus® Interface. This interface consists of the system indicator, fiber optic port, catheter indication, Navvus® catheter port, and communication port. Additionally, the Navvus® interface cable is an essential part, comprising of the communication connector and the fiber optic connector. Lastly, the processing unit incorporates several components, including the fiber optic port, USB port, communication port, LED panel, power switch, and hemodynamic port. Keep reading to delve into further details about the RXi® Mini™ and Navvus®, understanding error messages, and exploring various troubleshooting scenarios.


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