HDi – SFA Dissection

In this video, you will witness a comparison of two IVUS systems, showcasing their distinct disparities in imaging the Superficial Femoral Artery (SFA) dissection. On the left, the ACIST HDi® HD IVUS System 60 MHz provides a 10 mm field of view of the SFA, while on the right, the competing IVUS 20 MHz system […]

HDi – Tibial Dissection

Take a moment to watch this video, presenting two contrasting imaging views of a tibial dissection. On the left side, you will witness the ACIST HDi HD IVUS System 60 MHz with a 10 mm field of view, while on the right side, the competing IVUS 20 MHz with a 10 mm field of view […]

PSI vs Flow Rate with CVi

Dr. Wilson, Interventional Cardiologist and founder of ACIST Medical Systems, explains the distinguishing features of the ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System compared to other injection systems. One notable difference is that ACIST CVi® utilizes longer tubing, which facilitates more pressure dissipation along its length. It is important to note that all pressure injectors have a […]

HDi – Circumflex Calcium

Take a moment to watch the video below, showcasing the distinctive perspectives on Circumflex Calcium provided by the ACIST HDi® 60 MHz and the competing IVUS 20 MHz systems. This video offers an opportunity to observe and compare the imaging capabilities of these two technologies. Witness firsthand how the ACIST HDi® 60 MHz system presents […]


The ACIST RXi® Rapid Exchange System enables healthcare professionals to efficiently assess the need for any intervention on their patients using physiological assessment. It is the sole micro-catheter based FFR system, utilizing the ACIST Navvus® Rapid Exchange MicroCatheter, an ultra-thin catheter that accommodates a .014″ guidewire of your choice. With its familiar rapid-exchange catheter technology, […]

ACIST Navvus® II

Introducing the groundbreaking Navvus®II Rapid Exchange Pressure MicroCatheter, designed for evaluating coronary and peripheral physiology. This tool aids in the assessment of whether additional physiological intervention is required. It can be utilized with both hyperemic and non-hyperemic physiological assessments. After extensive testing, the ACIST team has found that Navvus II® facilitates navigation and enhances performance […]

FFR-Guided PCI Optimization Directed by High-Definition IVUS – EuroPCR 2021

From Euro PCR Dr. Joost Daemen, an international cardiologist at Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, discusses the concept of post PCI FFR guided by IVUS. “By using IVUS to assess post-PCI results we were able to optimize the procedure in 80% of the cases. By adding either additional stents, in 30% of the […]

Why Imaging and Physiology Improve Outcomes – Dr Joost Daemen

[transcript] [vertaling] mijn naam is joost naam en ik ben interventie cardiologie met het erasmus medisch centrum en ik heb gemiddelde eer om eigenlijk voor het eerst hier op de dresken symposium te spreken en een sponsor respons het symposium te mogen voor zitten symposium gesponsord door 6 medical wat we eigenlijk zouden willen in […]

Pre-and Post-PCI Physiological Assessment with Dr. Arnold Seto

Dr. Arnold Seto, Chief of Cardiology Long Beach VA Medical Center, discusses the advancements in pressure sensor wires and catheter technologies. Specifically, he highlights the enhancements made to the ACIST Navvus II® Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter compared to its predecessor, Navvus®. The Navvus II® microcatheter provides several advantages over conventional FFR pressure wire technology, including […]

ACIST CVi™ Instruction Videos Playlist (US)

The ACIST CVi® Contrast Delivery System is designed for the precise administration of radiopaque contrast media during angiographic procedures. It delivers contrast media to a catheter at a flow rate determined by the user. The hand controller and other necessary items are included in angiographic consumable kits. The CVi® system is easily installed, serviced, and […]

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